Perfactory® Vida 3D Printer

Dr. Brett Gluck, Dr. Zachary Levin, and our team can produce quality braces, mouth guards, and other dentofacial orthopedics when we use Perfactory® Vida. This 3D printer created by EnvisionTEC allows us to scan your mouth, digitally build an oral appliance, and produce it using a variety of quality materials. The projector system uses custom UV optics to create high resolution images of your mouth. These projections will be sent to our software system, which allows our orthodontists and team to map out a treatment plan and create a custom restoration. The printer will then produce the appliance using some of the following materials:

  • E-Appliance M: This material is used to create orthodontic models for what is called salt and pepper techniques. The nano-filled 3D printing material works with both polyvinyl, alcohol-based separators as well as a tin foil substitute.
  • E-Denstone Peach M: This material is used to make dental models to produce orthodontic appliances. We use it to quickly and accurately determine bracket placement through indirect bonding.
  • E-Partial M: This wax-like material is used to create partial denture framework. It is used in the casting of semi-precious metals for partial dentures, ensuring that they are strong and flexible.
  • E-Guide M: This material is used for surgical drill guides, offering maximum visibility for implant placement and other procedures.
  • Ortho Tough M: This resin material is used to create rigid models for vacuum thermoforming aligners. It is very tough and stable.
  • E-Guard M: This material is used to create bite splints and retainers. It has the benefits of being biocompatible and transparent.

Please contact Quality Orthodontic Care today if you have any questions about the appliances we can create with our Perfactory Vida 3D printer in Alpharetta, Georgia.