A Tongue Stabilizing Device Can Help Denture Wearers with Sleep Apnea

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The National Sleep Foundation estimates that as many as 40 million Americans suffer from some degree of sleep apnea. Primary symptoms include chronic snoring problems and periodic breathing interruption when sleeping.

Left untreated, these symptoms can cause poor quality of sleep, psychological complications, and increased blood pressure. This could also lead to an increased risk of suffering from heart disease and increased risk of stroke.

Once your sleep apnea has been professionally diagnosed, your physician can help you understand your treatment options. If you suffer from severe sleep apnea, they advise sleeping with a positive air pressure device, which is also known as a CPAP.

If you are only experiencing minor to moderate sleep apnea problems Dr. Brett Gluck might be able to provide you with some form of snore guard, at his orthodontic clinic in Alpharetta, Georgia.

If you have dentures or you are missing a significant number of teeth, he might recommend a tongue stabilizing device. This type of snore guard doesn’t attach to the teeth. Once it is properly positioned in your mouth to will help to hold your tongue and soft palate in position.

If you live in the Alpharetta, Georgia, area and you need help controlling your minor to moderate sleep apnea symptoms, you should call 770-901-2433 to schedule a consult at Quality Orthodontic Care.