Children, Teens, & Adults

Traditional braces, whether clear (ceramic) or metal, consist of brackets adhered to your teeth and wires that are held into each bracket by small colored elastics. Quality Orthodontic Care utilizes the latest bracket technology in design and composition for the most advanced treatment for our patients. Progressing through a sequence of wire sizes, shapes, and materials, traditional braces gently bring teeth into alignment. We typically see braces patients every 8-10 weeks for regular adjustment visits to monitor tooth movement and keep the case developing in a timely manner.

You might find it surprising that approximately 25% of all orthodontic patients are adults and at Quality Orthodontic Care, we want you to know that a straight, healthy, beautiful smile is within reach – no matter your age. Most patients appreciate that a straighter smile is more aesthetic, however, properly aligned teeth can improve your oral health and function. Orthodontic treatment can help you avoid severe tooth decay, irregular wear of tooth enamel, gum and bone loss, and minimize TMJ pain.

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