Athletic mouth guardThe team at Quality Orthodontic Care is dedicated to keeping your smile healthy and protected. For our athletic patients, whether before, during, or after orthodontic treatment, we recommend a protective athletic mouthguard. While a number of athletic mouthguards are available at sporting good stores, none offer the fit and look of a fully customized mouthguard made by the in-house lab at Quality Orthodontic Care. Comfortably inserted while you play sports and participate in other physical activities, mouthguards protect the dentition (teeth) and surrounding soft tissues (lips, cheeks, and gums) from injury. Athletic mouthguards are particularly important for patients who play high-contact sports such as football, lacrosse, hockey and rugby. Soccer, basketball, and baseball players can also benefit from the protection of an athletic mouthguard.

Our custom-fit mouthguards can be personalized with team logos, jersey numbers, and player last names. We proudly make the mouthguards for the Atlanta Gladiators!

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