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While braces are often thought of for children and teenagers, more and more adults are also aligning their smiles, thanks to advances in orthodontics and the appearance of braces. At Quality Orthodontic Care in Alpharetta, Georgia, our orthodontist, Dr. Brett Gluck is pleased to help our adult patients create the smiles they have always wanted.

Not only do braces straighten the teeth, they can actually improve your oral health as well, making them an indispensable solution to smile issues. So if you have teeth that are crooked or crowded, or have a misaligned bite, you can benefit from orthodontics. An aligned smile can even help with problems with the jaw. Braces are useful in helping to prevent the following concerns:

— Biting and chewing problems, which in turn cause stomach issues.
— Difficulty with speaking.
— Jaw disorders and jaw pain.
— The wearing down of tooth enamel.
— Dental erosion of the jaw bone and gums.
— Facial pain, earaches, or headaches.
— Tooth decay and gum disease stemming from an unaligned smile.

Your adult smile no longer has to suffer from oral issue caused by a misaligned smile. Your aligned smile will help you keep your teeth and gums healthier because they will be easier to clean, so tooth decay and gum disease can be a thing of the past with proper care. Please call our Quality Orthodontic Care team at 770-664-6003 to find out more!