Braces Can Treat Different Types of Malocclusion

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In the past, braces were something typically worn by children to adjust their smile and bite pattern as their jaw continues to grow. However, as you age, your bite can develop improper alignment. We can help if your mouth displays the following alignment issues.

– Spacing or crowding problems –Crowding teeth can cause many problems and even keep the permanent teeth from coming in properly or at all.

– Open bite – In a proper bite, the front teeth overlap like a pair of scissors. In an open bite, they don’t touch, leaving a gap straight into the mouth. An open bite can also occur on the side(s) of the mouth.

– Upper protrusion – With upper protrusion (also called buck teeth), the upper front teeth are pushed outward. This may be caused by a small lower jaw, thumb-sucking, or pacifier use.

– Overbite – If an individual has an excessive overbite, the upper front teeth go too far down over the lower front teeth. In extreme cases, this causes the lower teeth to bite into the roof of the mouth.

– Underbite – An individual has an underbite if the lower front teeth are in front of the upper front teeth.

– Crossbite – A cross bite is present when some or all of the upper teeth are on the wrong side of the lower teeth.

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