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At Quality Orthodontic Care, we are committed to using the latest and most high-quality orthodontic technology to further our patients’ smile results. We invite you to learn more about the iTero Element®️ intraoral scanner by reviewing the FAQs below:

Why use the iTero Element intraoral scanner?
This scanner operates on an optical impression system that captures images of the mouth to create 3D digital impressions and surrounding tissues. Because the whole process is digital, it can offer the following benefits:

– Comfort
– No goop for impressions
– 3D scans immediately available
– Allows for accurate and precise fit of orthodontic appliances
– Maximum cleanliness and patient safety

How does the scanner work?
The iTero Element uses a red laser light and white LED light to take topographical images of your teeth and gums.

What is the process?
1. A member of our team uses the wand portion of the scanner to capture images of your smile without using radiation like X-rays.
2. The scanning process appears on screen, digitally building your orthodontic scanner. This prevents the need for re-taking impressions.
3. The scan creates a complete 3D model that we use to plan your orthodontic treatment and provide the orthodontic appliance that is custom fitted to your smile.

If you have further questions about using the iTero Element intraoral scanner in Alpharetta, Georgia, and would like to schedule a consultation with our orthodontist, Dr. Brett Gluck, we invite you to contact us at 770-901-2433 today.