How 3D Scanning Technology Has Helped Orthodontics, and You

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Our investment in the latest 3D scanning technology from iTero allows us to map your mouth and teeth so precisely that we can make your aligners, retainers, crowns, veneers, bridges, and all dental appliances fit better and restorations more accurate. Using optical and laser scanning with pinpoint accuracy, it is now possible to see flawless 3D images of the inside of a patient’s teeth and gum tissues for the first time.

No longer do we need to take impressions of the teeth using messy casting material that may cause some patients to have unnecessary anxiety or claustrophobic experiences—feeling as though they cannot breathe. With digital 3D scans the patient remains comfortable, the procedure doesn’t take long, and the results can be shared immediately on the screen. There is also a substantial amount of time saved by doing a scan rather than using material compounds to cast the impression. Studies show that the average patient scan is 20-30 minutes quicker.

Our iTero Element scanner is very safe and environmentally-friendly. Because it uses lasers, it requires no x-ray radiation to generate the images. You will not experience an unpleasant taste as you might with traditional impression casting methods, and your teeth will not need a cleaning once the procedure is completed. And for some orthodontic appliances, there is an outcome simulator that allows you to see a preview of how the straightened teeth will appear prior to starting treatment.

If you want more information about 3D scanning technology and the machines we use at Quality Orthodontic Care, call Dr. Brett Gluck and our helpful team. Phone: 770-901-2433. Make an appointment or come by our office in Alpharetta, Georgia.