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Invisalign® has provided thousands of people with flawless success and aligned teeth. Thanks to modern dentistry, Invisalign now offers a simple way to straighten your smile discreetly for adults and teens alike.

Invisalign is made of thin, clear plastic aligners that simply snap over your teeth, giving your teeth a gentle push into the ideal alignment. Because the aligners are clear, this makes them hard to be noticed by others, making them ideal for a professional environment in your everyday life.

Invisalign works by having a series of aligners made by your dental professional. Each set of aligners is worn for about two weeks before you switch them out. They are easily taken off so you can eat, brush, or floss your teeth as you normally do. However, they are meant to be worn for at least 22 hours a day.

Invisalign can help with many different alignment issues. Some of this include:

· Gapped teeth
· Overbite
· Underbite
· Open bite
· Overly Crowded
· Crossbite

If you would like more information on Invisalign and how it can help your smile, come by our office today in Alpharetta, Georgia, or give us a call at 770-901-2433 and schedule an appointment. Our friendly staff here at Quality Orthodontic Care is always happy to help you achieve positive oral health and a flawless smile you always wanted.