Propel Your Orthodontic Treatment for Faster Results

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Do you have a dental malocclusion and have been approved to receive braces? If the idea of wearing metal braces and wires for two years is unappealing for you, we have good news! Quality Orthodontic Care offers Propel®️ in Alpharetta, Georgia, to accelerate your orthodontic treatment. Propel is an orthodontic system that uses procedures and devices to quickly and comfortably shift the teeth into the desire position.

Propel can be paired with your current orthodontic treatment to shift your teeth as much as 50% faster, and works with both Invisalign®️ and traditional braces. This means your orthodontic treatment can be cut in half without reducing the quality of your smile results.

Furthermore, we offer Propel’s VPro5™, which is an aligner device that uses frequency vibrations to ensure your aligner appliance is seated properly and has a perfect fit to deliver the desired results. VPro5 eliminates the risk of an improperly seated aligner delaying your treatment and requiring you to revert back to a previous stage in your treatment progress. This device can be used both at home and on the go, whenever you need to pop your appliance in place.

We invite you to learn more about Propel and your options for orthodontics by contacting our office at 770-901-2433 today and scheduling a consultation with our orthodontist , Dr. Brett Gluck.