Routine Adjustment Sessions

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Alignment issues, as well as overcrowding issues with your child’s teeth, can all be addressed by having Dr. Brett Gluck install braces. Of course simply installing the braces, into their mouth is just the first step in the realignment process.

In order to stretch the periodontal ligaments anchoring your child’s teeth in the sockets, the braces will need regular adjustments every four to six weeks. The number of sessions will vary depending on the degree of alignment and any other complications that might arise from cavities or damage to the braces.

The stretching applied to the periodontal ligaments is progressive. Timely and consistent adjustment sessions are a critical for keeping the duration of realignment to a minimum.

These sessions are also a good opportunity to replace spacers, bands or any other piece of hardware that’s suffered some wear and tear. Many children struggle to effectively clean their teeth and braces from brushing alone. This is also a good time to address any oral hygiene questions they have.

If you are interested in having braces installed to address an alignment issue with your child’s teeth, please call Dr. Brett Gluck’s office in Alpharetta, Georgia at 770-901-2433 to set up a consultation.