Dr. Brett Gluck and our team at Quality Orthodontic Care suggest that children receive an orthodontic examination when they turn seven. Though this may seem like a very young age, it is the best time for us to correct any skeletal imbalances in the face and jaw with orthopedic appliances. This early interceptive treatment is called phase one treatment, and its focus is on redirecting growth in order to help the jaw bones fit together correctly.

Phase one treatment can help create proper jaw function when one chews, swallows and speaks. It can also improve your child’s self-esteem because it enhances the chin’s profile. This treatment creates enough space in the mouth for the eruption of permanent teeth, and it may even eliminate the need for an invasive jaw surgery in the future.

Our orthodontist in Alpharetta, Georgia, suggest that treatment be performed as soon as possible, especially if your child needs phase one orthopedic treatment. Our procedures can fix problems while they are small and easy to repair. Neglecting to treat these issues until a later date may only make them worse, and they can also cause other problems to develop.

Some parents may worry about having their child receiving treatment when they are still so young, but we find that children normally cooperate very well with us. We believe that it is important for them to understand why we are providing this treatment and how they can help. When a child receives this support and knowledge, they may be more willing to work with us.

Phase one treatment lasts for about 12 months while your child still has their baby teeth. Visits to our office will usually be 3 to 12 weeks apart, depending on your child’s needs. We allow a rest period of about 6 to 24 months afterwards so your child’s permanent teeth can grow in. Because of the added space in your child’s mouth, their permanent teeth may come in more quickly than normal. We suggest having your child go into phase two treatment immediately after this time. This phase will usually take 12 to 18 months as we align their permanent teeth using orthodontics.

Our orthopedic and orthodontic treatments can give your child improved health for a lifetime. We believe that a smile is the shortest distance between people, and we look forward to giving you a strong, beautiful one. Call 770-901-2433 today to schedule your appointment with us!