How Orthodontics Can Correct a TMJ Disorder

If you have TMJ disorder, orthodontics might be just the thing for correcting your jaw problems—permanently. How is that, exactly? Here are the details: Many TMJ disorders are caused by what is called a malocclusion. That’s just a fancy term for a bad bite. Your misaligned bite can create stress on your jaw and teeth, resulting in pain and popping... read more »

Are Your Teeth and Braces Protected While You Straighten Your Smile?

At Quality Orthodontic Care, our orthodontist, Dr. Brett Gluck offers smile straightening systems for our patients in the Alpharetta, GA, area who are looking for straighter smiles. Did you know that an aligned smile is not just good for your appearance, but for your oral health as well? Well, it's true! Straightened smiles also correct your bite and protect your jaw... read more »

Are Malocclusions Overwhelming Your Oral Health?

Are malocclusions overwhelming your oral health? A malocclusion, also called a bad bite, is the result of an irregularity or anomaly in your smile that has resulted in some form of misalignment with your teeth. Oftentimes, malocclusions occur in the incisors, but misaligned teeth can appear anywhere, and can even be caused by your jawbone. Try your luck at the... read more »