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Having the alignment of your son or daughter’s permanent teeth altered by wearing braces can serve several purposes and address different problems.

As your son or daughter grows their 20 baby teeth are gradually replaced with the 32 permanent teeth, that will serve them for the rest of their life. Adjusting the alignment of their teeth can improve the ability to chew, prevent future fractures, and provide your child with a more appealing smile when they reach full adulthood. There is no hard and fast rule on when braces should be installed to correct an issue. In most cases, braces can be fitted to correct an alignment issue, once all of your child’s permanent teeth have emerged.

Sometimes alignment issues are a result of over-crowding. The likelihood of this increases if your child had a baby tooth that was decayed or damaged and required total extraction. Other alignment issues can be a result of much earlier issues related to thumb sucking or prolonged use of pacifier during your child’s formative years.

Malocclusion, is another possible issue that requires braces to adjust. This often relates to overbite or under-bite problems. When the top teeth extend too far out it is called overbite. When the lower jaw extends too far out it is called under-bite.

If you have noticed alignment, crowding or malocclusion issues with your child’s teeth, please feel free to call Quality Orthodontic Care at 770-901-2433 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping your child have a healthy mouth and an appealing smile.