There Are Several Things You Can Do to Preserve the Integrity of Your Braces

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Your braces represent an effective and functional system for correcting the alignment of your teeth. They incorporate a series of metal brackets that Dr. Brett Gluck cements onto the faces of your teeth. They are married to metal wires and work in concert with bands and other orthodontic components.

You will need to return to Dr. Brett Gluck’s orthodontic clinic every four to six week intervals to have your braces adjusted. The progressive tension applied to the orthodontic components and your teeth will gradually move them into their ideal position.

Throughout the process you will need to take steps to maintain the structural integrity of your braces. If an orthodontic component is bent, loosened, or damaged, it can adjust the tension on your braces. This could potentially lengthen the amount of time it takes to achieve the ideal alignment of your teeth.

This involves avoiding things like chewing gum, taffy, and other sticky foods, as well as avoiding very hard foods. These things can potentially loosen a bracket, thus complicating the realignment process.

It’s also important to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the realignment process. Cavities and gum disease complications can extend the amount of time needed to fully correct the alignment of your teeth.

If you had orthodontic braces installed at Dr. Brett Gluck’s clinic in Alpharetta, Georgia, and you are having a problem with one of the components, you should call 770-901-2433 to have it examined and repaired at Quality Orthodontic Care.