What You Should Know About Removable Appliances

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When you need to realign your teeth, you don’t have to use a fixed orthodontic device. A number of removable tools are available to aid you in having the smile you want. We’ve amassed a list of many of the current common removable orthodontic devices for you to learn a bit more about your available picks:

Headgear. With headgear, jaw growth is slowed to a crawl by a strap behind your head attaching to a metal wire in front. (This is called a face bow.)

Lip and cheek bumpers. Lip and cheek bumpers are made to isolate the lips and cheeks from the teeth. If cheeks and lips press too hard on the teeth, teeth may move out of their alignment; cheek bumpers fix that pressure.

Palatal expander. Palatal expanders are shaped to spread the upper jaw arch. These plastic appliances fit on the roof of the mouth, and pressure applied to them by outward screws widens the joints of the bones and expands the mouth palate.

Retainers. One of the most common appliances, retainers are usually utilized preventively to avoid shifting of pearly whites into former positions. There are other uses for retainers, but they’re generally utilized to keep chompers straight.

If you have lost a baby tooth prematurely and are waiting for the adult tooth to come in or if your pearly whites or jaw are crooked, an orthodontic appliance may be right for you. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Brett Gluck and our Alpharetta, Georgia, Quality Orthodontic Care office, please let us know about your teeth at 770-901-2433 now.