The Invisalign® Clear Aligners System Can Improve Your Smile

Are you looking to improve your smile? If so, we can help you! Have you heard about the clear aligner system called Invisalign®? It offers a way to move the alignment of your teeth into the ideal position without the hassle of metal wires and brackets or rubber bands. Our orthodontist, Dr. Brett Gluck with Quality Orthodontic Care in Alpharetta,... read more »

The Keys to Understanding Invisalign®

Have you heard of the magic of Invisalign®? If not, keep reading here! Invisalign is a unique method offered by Drs. Gluck and Levin, our orthodontists in Alpharetta, Georgia, to improve the alignment of your teeth and the appearance of your smile. Invisalign is a remarkable system made of clear aligners to adjust your smile inconspicuously over time. Even though... read more »

The Facts About Invisalign®

Have you ever wanted to adjust your smile without embarrassing metal braces? If so, you are not alone. Thousands of people are looking for a way to adjust their smile in an easy way. That is why Invisalign® has swept the nation in popularity. As a result, our staff here at Quality Orthodontic Care in Alpharetta, Georgia, is proud to... read more »

Adjusting Braces

During the course of your orthodontic treatment with Dr. Brett Gluck, you'll have to visit our office periodically to have your braces adjusted. This is a critical part of straightening your teeth and ensuring that you get the smile you want as quickly and effectively as possible. Every time an adjustment is made, it means you're that much closer to... read more »

Routine Adjustment Sessions

Alignment issues, as well as overcrowding issues with your child’s teeth, can all be addressed by having Dr. Brett Gluck install braces. Of course simply installing the braces, into their mouth is just the first step in the realignment process. In order to stretch the periodontal ligaments anchoring your child’s teeth in the sockets, the braces will need regular adjustments... read more »

Braces Require Routine Adjustment to Realign Your Teeth

In order for your braces to effectively realign your teeth, your orthodontist, Dr. Brett Gluck, will need to perform routine adjustments. Each adjustment stretches and alters the periodontal ligaments that anchor each tooth into place. After four to six weeks, the periodontal ligaments will accept their new positions and your braces will be ready for another small adjustment. The stretching... read more »

Adjusting Your Braces for Fast and Effective Realignment of Your Teeth

Alignment issues and overcrowded teeth as well as over or under bite issues are common reasons why Dr. Brett Gluck might recommend having braces installed on your teeth. Simply having the braces installed in your mouth is only the first step in the realignment process. On the average, you will need to have your braces adjusted every four to six... read more »

The Purpose Served by Wearing Braces

Having the alignment of your son or daughter’s permanent teeth altered by wearing braces can serve several purposes and address different problems. As your son or daughter grows their 20 baby teeth are gradually replaced with the 32 permanent teeth, that will serve them for the rest of their life. Adjusting the alignment of their teeth can improve the ability... read more »